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If you have a project in mind for Fiscal Year 2018, please click on the Submit Proposed Initiative tab to the right of the screen and complete the short form. You may log in with your Roosevelt NetID credentials (the username and password that you use everyday to log on to your computer). You will be contacted within one week regarding next steps for the proposed initiative.

FY17 mid-year technology initiatives continue to be accepted for review.

RU Major Technology Initiative Prioritization Process


In order to develop a balanced technology project portfolio for the University, the CIO and the technology leadership team collaborate with various stakeholders throughout the University.  Specifically, the Banner Users Group (BUG), which has representatives from all colleges and administrative units covering most of the University community, is leveraged as the Technology Advisory Group.  In this capacity, BUG members help review the technology proposals to evaluate the value proposed initiatives might bring to the University while keeping in mind the risks associated with each proposal.  Knowing that the opportunities for application of technology to strategic needs far exceed institutional resources, the voting BUG members are counted on to help prioritize the initiatives that provide the most value to the University and are directly aligned with the Institutional Strategic Plan (ISP).

In addition to BUG, the Executive Council and Provost’s Council are also leveraged as advisory councils. This further ensures strategic alignment of all initiatives along with development of a balanced portfolio – one that has a good mix of initiatives that can aid the institution right away, and other innovative initiatives that will enable future transformative opportunities.


Below is the timeline of the technology initiative prioritization process:






 University departments are contacted via BUG to submit their technology initiatives for the next fiscal year via    Roosevelt Projects on the Information Technology Services (ITS) webpage (


December - February

University departments present (in-person or through written justification) their submitted technology initiatives at the monthly BUG meetings.


Late January

The budget packet for the next fiscal year is sent out to all University budget administrators containing a letter from the CIO to submit any and all technology initiatives via Roosevelt Projects. This allows departments who may not have submitted an initiative earlier to have one more chance.



The BUG Chair compiles all submitted initiatives into a survey with a sliding scale on the importance of each initiative. Each voting BUG member chooses the level of importance for each initiative, ultimately ranking the initiatives.


Early March

The voting results are tallied and presented to BUG for review and comment.


Mid March

The final ranking results of the submitted technology initiatives are shared with the CIO.


Mid March

The CIO discusses the results with the Executive/Provost council members and, based on their recommendations, develops and shares the technology project portfolio with the University Budget and Planning Committee.



The approved technology initiatives are forwarded to the University’s Board of Trustees (BoT) for their final approval.


July/ August

The CIO notifies BUG of the approved technology initiatives for the coming fiscal year. Planning for the approved initiatives may begin immediately with expenditures taking place after September 1st.

If you would like project management advice or consultation regarding a project of your own, please contact Elizabeth Thomas directly at